Trivia Hero

Trivia Hero is a fast and furious quiz, that lets players test their wits against the clock.

Up to 20 friends can play at one time. The goal? To answer as many tricky trivia questions as you can in just 60 seconds.

But you’re not just competing against their friends - answer as many questions as you can correctly to become your country’s overall Trivia Hero!

Can you defend your title? Come back every day for a fresh chance to win the top spot.



True or False

A favourite amongst players and Webby Award voters alike, True or False provides a fun, friendly way for families to learn together and challenge common myths and misconceptions.

It promotes critical thinking in players young and old, by asking them to question assumptions they hold about the world and providing context for the things they know already.

True or False is played by thousands of people every day, and our community of fake-fact-fighters is always growing.

Would you rather?

Our original game, ‘Would you rather?’ let’s you answer questions to see how similar you really are to your friends - and total strangers!

Break the ice and discover surprising and potentially startling things about the strangers sitting next to you with questions such as:

Would you rather have hair covering your entire body… or be completely bald?

Would you rather cry molten cheese… or cry chilli sauce?

Would you rather lose your sense of taste... or your sense of smell?

You can play Would You Rather with friends, or by yourself - we won’t judge!



The Daily Quiz

The most recent addition to our catalogue, The Daily Quiz gives you five topical trivia questions to answer every day.

As well as seeing if you can answer all five before you run out of time you can also compete for the prized position of the fastest player that day.

But watch out, just one wrong answer and you'll be out for the day!

Star Commander

Star Commander is a choose your own adventure story that puts you in charge of the Starship Artemis as it begins its fateful mission to explore the outer edges of the galaxy.

You'll need to make choices to keep your ship safe and your crew alive, but be careful - in the far reaches of space, any decision could be your last....

With original storytelling and immersive sound effects, experience the Alexa game that's out of this world!



Mental samurai

Our fist game working with a partner sees the player join host Rob Lowe in a battle against time to become a Mental Samurai.

Just answer 12 questions in under 5 minutes to be in the running to secure the top spot - and ultimate bragging rights…. Until tomorrow, at least. Seems simple, right?

In the game that anyone can play, but almost no one can finish, you have to keep your wits about you to beat the clock.

Mental Samurai.png

The Fake News Game

Labelled by one commenter as “the Fake News skill” and labworks.io as “being on the left” the Fake News Game asks users to listen to stories that were all reported in the media and decide if they are based in fact or fiction.

Originally built as part of a hackathon the game uses reseach from fact checking organisations such as Snopes to teach users the telltale signs that help them discern propaganda from reality.